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Dual Returns to Experience, joint with j. garcia-louzao and l. hospido
Labour Economics,
(2023) 80: 102290, [pdf, online appendix, replication files, journal link, slides]

Twin Peaks: Covid-19 and the Labor Market, joint with j. bradley and a. h. spencer 
European Economic Review, (2021) 138: 103828, [pdf, online appendixreplication files, journal link]
awarded British Academy Special Research Grant: Covid-19

Working Papers

Labor Market Power and Development, joint with t. armangué-jubert and n. guner 
(draft coming soon)

Labor Market Competition and Inequality, joint with j. garcia-louzao 
[pdf, slides]

Firms, Policies, Informality, and the Labor Market, joint with c. cisneros-acevedo
[pdf, slides]

Misallocation and Inequality, joint with n. guner
[pdf. slides]

Trade and Labor Market Institutions: A Tale of Two Liberalizations
Revise and Resubmit, Review of Economic Dynamics, [pdf, supplementary material, slides]

Policy works

Dynamic Early Warning and Action Model, joint with h. mueller and c. rauh
FCDO Technical Report, 2022

Financial Constraints and Productivity: Evidence from Euro Area Companies, joint with a. ferrando
ECB working paper, 2015, no. 1823

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