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The Effects of Multinationals on Workers: Evidence from Costa Rica, by A. Alfaro-Ureña (banco central costa rica),  I.Manelici and J.Vasquez (London School of Economics), GEP/CEPR Postgraduate Conference, May 2021 

Can industry-wide wage bargaining improve output, employment and inequality?, by J, Briskar (University of Edinburgh), IAAEU Workshop on Labour Economics, March 2021

What is Next? Tips for a Junior Faculty in Economics, 2020 EJM Lecture with R. Griffith and A. Cabrales

How Do Firms Adjust When Trade Stops?,  by P. Lastauskas and A. Proskute (Bank of Lithuania) and A. Zaldokas (Hong Kong University),  CEPR Conference "Adjustment in and to an uncertain world", September 2020

Wage Determination Across Firmsby H.C.Wong (Warwick University), QMUL PhD Workshop, May 2019

The Effects Of Services Offshoring At Home, by M. Magli (Oxford University and University of Nottingham), Gep/Cepr Post-Graduate Conference, May 2019

Housing Consumption and Macroprudential Policies in Europe: An Ex Ante Evaluation? by Q. Xiong and A. Mavropoulos (Halle Institute for Economic Research),  RES Junior Symposium, April 2019

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